Vent de Meloncholie

A sad song from my new album up and coming ” Les Images de ma coeur”

Almost done!

The new studios are almost complete here at Highland Piano. My son Patrick and I have been working at a new facelift and two brand new studios to teach in. For two weeks now we have worked everyday…all day and night to get it done. Yesterday we taught in the new rooms. Feels good I must say. Stay tuned for pics.




Thomas Reid…five poems.

These five short poems are by Thomas Reid. Thomas is a guitar teacher in East Tennessee. Currently, he is working on an album of original songs to be released through the Highland label.There is a …

Source: Thomas Reid…five poems.

” The Forgotten Dream” is coming!

My compilation of poems is finally coming out in print and e-book form. I have been trying to put this out for over ten years! Seems impossible but it is true. I was just publishing singles all thi…

Source: ” The Forgotten Dream” is coming!

“Waking Dream” by Patrick Lee Hebert

This is a poem from my book ” The Forgotten Dream” that is coming out soon. I remember thinking of how we often have to fight for our dreams with opposition at every corner. Never give …

Source: “Waking Dream” by Patrick Lee Hebert

Sad Moon

Back to basics! In 1995 I came to Tennessee to visit my wife’s parents. During this lazy vacation, I decided to take some time and write some classical like sonatinas for piano solo. I was teaching alot and needed some new material. One of these I re-worked from an unfinished one in G Major. I wrote the second movement and really liked the way it just sang. When I got back to New Hampshire, I added it to Patronics and the rest is history. I still teach it as a solo today and have always considered it a personal favorite. Stay tuned to this blog for much info on all our for sale music that just came out. Here is…

Sad Moon




Wind Trios…not really wind

My son and I began writing trios for woodwinds recently. The problem was neither of us played the three instruments oboe,flute and bassoon. So…electronic methods were conveyed to us. We wrote them in Sibelius; a notation program. It was fun to use the skills I learned in music school all those years before. The one I wish to share with you today is called ” Medieval fair.” It has roots in early Bach and being in the key of A minor…sounds a bit like an old fair in the medieval period to me. Listen here: Trio in Am

Also…here is my son Patrick’s Soundcloud site:  Patrick’s sounds

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The Collective Mind

This song is another selection from my un-released album ” Patronics”. It describes the Borg collective. If you are not a Trekkie like me, here is the explanation. The Borg is a race that threatens the entire universe. They come, take over and absorb all organic and tech from a planet. Their motto is ” Resistance is futile”. They are all connected through a hive like existence where the minds of all are the whole. It is very efficient…and very deadly. So Listen to this tune…you have to…resistance is futile! The Collective Mind    Publication1

Black Moon

This song was a cool one to make. During my 1996 fascination with electronic music I created this. Alot of these songs were kind of like space soundtracks. I made them all so quick it is hard to remember even how I did it! LOL…Artist Liberty. Keep posted to this site for more freebies. I still have 7 left in the “Patronics” queue. And don’t forget that my new album “Laments,Dreams,and Visions” came out today. Click to listen…click to support my music by perhaps buying one…or all nine.


Here is ” Black Moon “


Laments,Dreams, and Visions is live!

Finally…The new album is live on CD BABY now and will be everywhere in a few days. But go to the link below for a listen! I will be blogging about every song on this album over the next few weeks so subscribe…and be in the loop! I will explain the meaning of the song as well as it’s origins in my poetry. This album has a few songs that I wrote close to twenty years ago.


Here it is to see and yes…please buy. LOL      Laments,Dreams, and Visions LDV@