Summer recording sessions

This summer I am recording my newest album. This one is in french! It is called ” Reflets dans le miroir” Reflections in the mirror. All the songs are memories from childhood. It has been quite fascinating to write these songs. I started it as a way to deal with my fathers death last May. I am looking forward to sharing some songs in the next week or so…KEEP TUNED IN!



We are Coming!

Check out the new ” Highland Piano Studios ” website.

My son and I built this for the teaching and performing divisions of Highland. It is a hub for Poetry, art and of course all the Highland music you could ever want. There is even a FRENCH LANGUAGE division. Lots of info. Check out these links:

Psalms ministry

Listen to our music basically everywhere!

Highland Poetry


Music is our life. Art is our goal.

Speaking of…here is a possible album cover for my new album that is coming soon…do you like the pic? It is called ” Reflets dans le miroir ” ( Reflections in the mirror).




Upcoming tour!

Psalms is back. Patrick Lee the second and I will be starting a tour of churches local and abroad. These concerts will feature songs from the Psalms album and the upcoming release of Psalms 2. Patrick Lee has also been writing songs about biblical events and will share from his debut album and such. Keep posted to this page by subscribing today!



Spotify Artist!

I am now an official Spotify artist! This is exciting news. It was once very difficult to get this status. But you can help it be even better. Consider adding me to a playlist or following my page at: Patrick on Spotify

Psalms and music.

cropped-finalfront.jpgGetting geared up to tour the Psalms again. I have my son Patrick with me on this venture for half the ticket. His original music can be heard here: Patrick Lee Hebert II

I am writing the follow up album to my original ” Meditations on the Psalms of King David” with a volume 2. Many of these new psalms will be featured at the concerts. Subscribe to this blog to get the latest news on dates and locations.

Listen to selections from the first Psalm album here :Highland Catalog

You Should Have Known

These days have been a rush. I have been playing and transcribing, tuning pianos and moving them. I have a daughter getting married in June and several trips and tours to plan. I don’t like to be busy and get my frustrations out in…you guessed it: MUSIC. Here is a song I improvised  in protools software. I wanted to share it today. I hope you enjoy it.

Click below.

You Should Have Known

Consider an album to brighten up your day!

Solo piano on CD BABY

Doing some cool work during vacation. Writing songs…

Here are afew offerings from the vacation writings. I am finishing up several projects this year. Here are a few offerings from:

Reflets Dans le Miroir…”Reflections in the Mirror”  This album will be completely in French…with sub-titles, no worries!


Psalms 2 is coming along as well.


Doing alot with my electronic wind trio work and my album “Patronics”. Both of these are electronic albums with a classical feel with some pretty cool soundtrack stuff. Checkout my soundcloud page at:


Here you go: This is “Vent de Meloncholie”…or Meloncholy wind. It is orchestrated for piano, srings and flute.


Also : “You should have known” from ” Patronics”


Vent de Meloncholie

A sad song from my new album up and coming ” Les Images de ma coeur”

Source: Vent de Meloncholie