You Should Have Known

These days have been a rush. I have been playing and transcribing, tuning pianos and moving them. I have a daughter getting married in June and several trips and tours to plan. I don’t like to be busy and get my frustrations out in…you guessed it: MUSIC. Here is a song I improvised  in protools software. I wanted to share it today. I hope you enjoy it.

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You Should Have Known

Consider an album to brighten up your day!

Solo piano on CD BABY

Doing some cool work during vacation. Writing songs…

Here are afew offerings from the vacation writings. I am finishing up several projects this year. Here are a few offerings from:

Reflets Dans le Miroir…”Reflections in the Mirror”  This album will be completely in French…with sub-titles, no worries!


Psalms 2 is coming along as well.


Doing alot with my electronic wind trio work and my album “Patronics”. Both of these are electronic albums with a classical feel with some pretty cool soundtrack stuff. Checkout my soundcloud page at:


Here you go: This is “Vent de Meloncholie”…or Meloncholy wind. It is orchestrated for piano, srings and flute.


Also : “You should have known” from ” Patronics”


Vent de Meloncholie

A sad song from my new album up and coming ” Les Images de ma coeur”

Source: Vent de Meloncholie

Vent de Meloncholie

A sad song from my new album up and coming ” Les Images de ma coeur”

Almost done!

The new studios are almost complete here at Highland Piano. My son Patrick and I have been working at a new facelift and two brand new studios to teach in. For two weeks now we have worked everyday…all day and night to get it done. Yesterday we taught in the new rooms. Feels good I must say. Stay tuned for pics.



Thomas Reid…five poems.

These five short poems are by Thomas Reid. Thomas is a guitar teacher in East Tennessee. Currently, he is working on an album of original songs to be released through the Highland label.There is a …

Source: Thomas Reid…five poems.