Summer recording sessions

This summer I am recording my newest album. This one is in french! It is called ” Reflets dans le miroir” Reflections in the mirror. All the songs are memories from childhood. It has been quite fascinating to write these songs. I started it as a way to deal with my fathers death last May. I am looking forward to sharing some songs in the next week or so…KEEP TUNED IN!



We are Coming!

Check out the new ” Highland Piano Studios ” website.

My son and I built this for the teaching and performing divisions of Highland. It is a hub for Poetry, art and of course all the Highland music you could ever want. There is even a FRENCH LANGUAGE division. Lots of info. Check out these links:

Psalms ministry

Listen to our music basically everywhere!

Highland Poetry


Music is our life. Art is our goal.

Speaking of…here is a possible album cover for my new album that is coming soon…do you like the pic? It is called ” Reflets dans le miroir ” ( Reflections in the mirror).