Reverie two is in the making !!

  After it’s release in 1998, Patrick Lee Hebert and Chris Lonsberry’s album ” Reverie” is still alive and well. Although the duo lives in different southern states, they are still making music together. In 2007, they released a christmas album entitled “Reverie at Christmas”. They recorded it via the internet and performed a concert in New Hampshire for the event. Now, after more than ten years in the making, ” Reverie two” ( yet unnamed ) is being finished in the same manner. Patrick in Tennessee, and Chris in South Carolina, sending tracks back and forth to be reworked. Some of these tracks were written and performed as early as 1999 and still the team continues to compose. Patrick says: ” we both took a turn at our solo works for awhile and both put out two more albums in the process. Chris and his guitar will always be a part of my future work.” Chris put out a tenth year anniversary edition on ” Diode Melody”, his first electronic venture with a remastered re-release called ” Diode Melody Rewired”  as well as a modern Christian album called ” No other way”. You check him out at and all over the web where downloads and albums are sold. You can also check out Patrick’s works at his website to the right of this page. His newest album ” Meditations on the Psalms of King David” continues to bring him to concert venues all over the area, with a summer tour to begin soon. And keep your eyes and ears open for Reverie’s latest work, which alot of people may call ” Finally” LOL…you can watch Reverie perform “Lazy Daze” a track from the upcoming album. It is from a concert in New England, July 2007. Enjoy!!

Lots of stuff happening !

Hello everyone.
Wanted to let you know what is new and forthcoming at Highland Music. My poetry book “Ravings” is being edited as we speak by Sarah Troutman of Tennessee. This is very exciting, and very arduous for me. I am selecting poems from a 18 year span. This is difficult because sometimes they ALL look good. I know better though, I can only choose 150 or so. And I have written over a thousand!! So hence it goes. Thank God for Sarah. I will email her with inclusions and exclusions and change this or that. She is right on top of it. There will be a blog site dedicated to this next week. If you subscribe, you can read a poem per day and YES…..send me some comments.

Also, three new albums:
The re-release of my 1994 album “The Window” is slated for May or June. It has been digitally remastered and has all new cover work. It seems so long ago that I wrote this album. It was recorded in 94 but most of it was written in the late eighties. Lots of memories.

A new album “Laments, Dreams and Visions” is scheduled for recording in late summer with a possible Fall release. I have included a track for you to hear called “When the Sky is Crying” I hope you enjoy it. This album is very different than my previous six albums. It has a dreamy, soul searching quality. Of course, I need to finish it by then lol.

“Meditations on the Psalms of King David Volume 2” is almost finished and being concertized now. I work best when playing concerts so I can try new ideas in front of an audience. I usually compose the endings and bridges live, by improvisation. Very fun……sometimes scary. You can listen to the first Psalms album by clicking here: 

All for now. I am quite busy teaching as well, and am writing many student pieces for my charges. I have 45 students now. They keep me busy, that’s for sure.

Please keep checking back as we have planned a bunch of free listens as these projects progress. Take care!!!

Patrick Lee Hebert