Unbelievable Concert

I have to share an experience I had today. For my birthday, I bought tickets to see a pianist in Knoxville. She was a soloist with the ” Evelyn Miller Young Pianist Series” hosted at the beautiful Central Baptist Church in Beardon. She was a Ms. Di Wu, a chinese pianist that has won many awards, including finalist for the coveted prize at the Van Clinburg competition. You can check her out all over the web. I was dumbfounded.

First, picture a nine foot Baldwin grand piano. In a big Baptist church with TONS of seating. Only about sixty people were there besides my wife,my son and I. She played the Schumann Davidbundlertanze Opus 6, which Robert Schumann wrote as a wedding present to his concert pianist wife Clara. Robert was a bit, well crazy……and took a theme from her Opus 6 Mazurka and did a 35 min take of variations. Ms. Wu played the piece as if she wrote it. It was powerful, provocative and so real, I had to share it. It is said Robert Schumann had two personalities in real life, as well as his music. I am a believer!! She also played Ravel’s famous “Miroirs” and a Liszt transcription of Faust. Check her out on youtube. This was one of the best concerts I have ever been to. ( and I have been to alot) she is going to be a amazing force in the musical world. Anyone who missed it will never know Schumann so exposed. ( unless she plays it again.) She seemed to melt into the 1800’s and enter the composers mind and share with me the very essence of his thoughts. I was blown away. Take care and check her out on the web. You will not be disappointed!! Watch Di in the Van Clinburg competition by clicking here.


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