Lazy days of summer

The days are getting very warm and sultry here in the south. Alot has been happening in the background. Besides music, I have been setting my two gardens and raising my first two beef cows. Their names are ” Ribeye and T-bone”. They are very friendly now with us feeding them grain in a bucket daily. It is a neat feeling trying to ” live off the land”….I am having alot of fun.

Ribeye and T-bone

In the music department, the albums continue to crawl forward. I just returned from a wonderful concert in Ft. Myers, Florida. It was very relaxed and I had a nice time with friends from Tennessee that came with me. I was able to cruise the beaches and soak in the natural charm of this area. It is time to get moving on the albums though, and I am gearing up. Look for a tour announcement that is coming soon. Several concerts will accompany the re-release of ” The Window”  which I pushed to this fall. The summer is a lousy time to tour when you are a pianist I find. So, back to my farming.


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