Snow: The first song from “The Window” The story behind the song

Welcome to the first of eleven posts that will introduce and explain each song from my upcoming release ” The Window”. This album was originally released in 1994. Most of the songs were written between 1989 and right up to the day of the recording which was January 11th, 1994. The studio was in Lewiston Maine with Henri Roi behind the booth. What is really neat though was that the studio was closing and everything was packed in boxes except a couch, table and one beautiful 7 foot 4 Yamaha Grand. I was nervous and very sad after having lost my mother only one month before. Not to mention I had never recorded before except for television and I was really unsure as to what to expect.

It took a total of ten hours to record the album, including a lunch at Wendy’s. High budget I assure you!! What was lucky for me though was the fact that the engineer was really a pro. He had worked with just about everyone I knew and respected and he did a marvelous job with this recording. I was so green in the field of recording that I never realized it had not been mastered, just recorded ” Raw”. In 1994, few independents even made CDs so I had no advice from anyone. SO, my agent, Michael St. Jean and I just assumed it was ready to press. So to press we went with big expectations. It was very good ” raw” and no-one ever mentioned it until my new engineer was hired to digitize it in 2003 and he exclaimed ” this is amazingly clear and full, but it has never been mastered”. This was the guru of solo piano recording Gerry Putnam who worked five albums in total with me. The rest as they say….is history.

So here we are at song number one: Snow

Snow is probably the easiest song to explain from this album which tends to be a bit sad and melancholy as well as downright angry. But there are several songs about happier things too that balance the effect I think. Snow is about …well…snow. I was 20 years old and pulling another all nighter in my practice room…my fathers church. I was music director, so very often I would sleep under the piano because I practiced six hours or so a night. I was studying heavy classical with the great George Loring at the time for school, and he made me work very hard. Anyway, I noticed that a stormfront was piling snow outside the windows at an alarming rate. I remember it was about three AM and I was finally about done for the night. I went outside and looked around. It was amazing how quiet the world was. It was like I was locked in a time portal with all that snow and no noise at all. I walked into the woods next to my house for at least an hour enthralled. Everything was white and pure. At this time my personal life was a mess with a nasty divorce in sight with heartbreak my most frequent state of mind. I felt free for the first time in so long, I had to capture this in music.

I made my way back to the church, brewed some coffee and got to work. I penned the song in about three hours writing it down as I went. I remember going to work that day VERY tired but very excited about how inspiration just attacked me, a new composer with dreams of music. I began to play solo concerts not long after this and played it live all the time, especially in winter. I had no idea my life was about to explode in the biggest trial of my life…but I will save that for next week which will be the title song ” The Window” itself. So for now, enter a New Hampshire winter morning right before dawn, where all is new and all is hopeful. Listen for the snow as it starts and stops…timeless.   Click here for  “Snow”


August 17th, 2010


One thought on “Snow: The first song from “The Window” The story behind the song

  1. Wow. Great story. I love hearing about the feelings and thoughts of a composer, as I listen to a piece! Thanks so much for doing this!


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