The story behind ” The Ledge”

This is song number three in my continuing description of the album ” The Window” which is due for re-release on its 17th anniversary January 11th. I have decided to wait till then because it seems so right to make it 17 years. This is because I was that age when I began to see the world in a different light and began searching for my voice. At 17, I was starting music school and had very high hopes. I did well in music but very bad in an early relationship as I mentioned in the last post about ” The Window”.  The Ledge is written about a place…a place of complete peace that was deep into the twelve acres of woods I grew up in. I remember going there as a child as well as an adult.

There was a little mountain at the end of my land. It seemed that no-one but my brother and I ever visited this place. There is a 25 foot rock wall that leads down to a hidden valley I had named ” Lost Valley” when I was 6 years old. ( I wrote a song by this title which can be found on my ” Murmurs” album” We spent countless days playing there as boys and as an adult I visited to escape the pressures of the world I had created. One day, I visited this ledge and sat down as usual. You could watch the hawks circle and hear birds everywhere sing a song they believed was for themselves. Such peace. I wanted to capture it.

My father had a condo in the mountains of White mountains of NH. I went there for a week with a keyboard. There was no phone and I was totally secluded. It was the off-season and I wanted to be alone anyway. I wrote this song and a song called ” Soul Ties’, which is my next blog planned as it is song 4 on the album.  Both songs were written for a special girl who spent a lot of time with me there.   ” The Ledge” is really a very simple song about the place I loved so much. It has a touch of melancholia right from the start but really sounds kind of  pensive to me. When I play it I can go right back and be sitting there with nature my only companion. The girl lingers there in spirit as well. I wrote a series of poems called ” The Girl in the Picture” and all the settings and descriptive landscape are here in my mind. I hope you enjoy it. Here is ” The Ledge”


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