I am back !!!!

Sorry folks….I have been really crazy with music and a new website called http://www.patrickleehebert.com . Lots going on here I tell you. I have 60 students and I am now training the gifted composer Sierra Hanson. Sierra has studied with me now…I guess two years. She is a gifted 15 year old that will be teaching for me and helping me meet the needs of my students here at Highland Piano Studios. More about Sierra is coming…she will be recording with Highland Label hopefully within a year. Her compositions will soon be able to be sampled so stay tuned!

Also, I am continuing “the Window” saga of songs I started last year. It will be out I hope January 2012….17 years after it’s first release…..amazing it has been so long.

I am going to NH in October to visit with web-wizard/reviewer/talk show host/Actress and costume designer and all around cool person…ROBIN BOYD. Can’t wait………

My next two albums are in early planning….I have secured an engineer from planet records to do the job. He is a master of native american flute recording so has an amazing sense of acoustics. It will be a GREAT time. ” Laments,Dreams and Visions” will be available I hope within a year…..closely following will be a follow up to Psalms…..Called….” I have no Idea yet….” LOL….

So all for today….just stay tuned and forgive my absence…But….I am a composer, I am suppossed to be crazy LOL…..see you



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