Some of you have no idea that I have been writing poetry for over thirty years. I have a book coming called ” The Forgotten Dream”. Here are two poems from it. Please respond with your thoughts! My poetry can be dark and somber…like my music. But there is always hope there too.


Here they are:


The coming of night
brings darkened endeavors
bright awakenings
are deafened momentarily
ritualistic living
drastic measures
they are only dreams.

The man whose face is ashen
speaks with authority that is unpronounced
his pallid cheeks quivering from the pain
of a thousand years of hurt.
He has wisdom though…

Engraved on his soul,
are the intentions of countless thousands
he has chosen to carry.
Like a fool,
he continues…
when no-one…
no-one is listening.

In sullen loneliness
he retires to the past.
The lost years were glorious…
although no one can seem to remember them.
He relives the past nightly…
all those years of energy waste
lapse his already livid memory,
and bring weariness.

He sleeps,
dreaming of golden forests,
but waking alone to the breeze,
coming from a single window…
and living yet another day…
awaiting the night.


The moon has been full
these past few nights…
glaring back at my gaze
seemingly hopeless plight.

The trees nod in her amber glow
wind rustles through the hills…
causing my heart to shiver
creating night chills.

Solitary skies
living with lies
my soul doth fly

Hopeless succession of these nights
ethereal dreams reconsidered here…
The moon never wavers
solitary tears.

Night chills…
becoming very common…
seeking me on the inside…
becoming alarming.

Reason with me…
dance with me…
sing with me…
or I you…
what to do?
I’m spent.

The moon stares in malice forming glares…
beckoning sweetly…
making me believe…
I can really fly…
But I know…
really know…

It’s a lie…



More to come. I hope you liked them!




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