A blast from the past!

Publication1In the mid nineties I had a go at electronic music. Everyone else was so why not me? I hooked my keyboard up to my new computer software and just went. I never published any of these pieces as my solo piano career was just taking off. There were several pieces that I submitted to Hollywood for movie themes and such. Today’s offering is called ” The Borg Ship”. I thought that maybe Star Trek would want it. I guess not because I never heard back…LOL. But they were fun to do and really was my first time playing with effects and such. It is supposed to describe the inside of the ship the enemy of the federation lived in. If you are not a trekkie like me, it will just be a cool song. But if you know the Borg, you can hear them clanging about in there. I will release a few more of these songs in my next blogs. Super fun. I hope you like it. Here it is:  The Borg Ship




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