Some of you have no idea that I have been writing poetry for over thirty years. I have a book coming called ” The Forgotten Dream”. Here are two poems from it. Please respond with your thoughts! My poetry can be dark and somber…like my music. But there is always hope there too.


Here they are:


The coming of night
brings darkened endeavors
bright awakenings
are deafened momentarily
ritualistic living
drastic measures
they are only dreams.

The man whose face is ashen
speaks with authority that is unpronounced
his pallid cheeks quivering from the pain
of a thousand years of hurt.
He has wisdom though…

Engraved on his soul,
are the intentions of countless thousands
he has chosen to carry.
Like a fool,
he continues…
when no-one…
no-one is listening.

In sullen loneliness
he retires to the past.
The lost years were glorious…
although no one can seem to remember them.
He relives the past nightly…
all those years of energy waste
lapse his already livid memory,
and bring weariness.

He sleeps,
dreaming of golden forests,
but waking alone to the breeze,
coming from a single window…
and living yet another day…
awaiting the night.


The moon has been full
these past few nights…
glaring back at my gaze
seemingly hopeless plight.

The trees nod in her amber glow
wind rustles through the hills…
causing my heart to shiver
creating night chills.

Solitary skies
living with lies
my soul doth fly

Hopeless succession of these nights
ethereal dreams reconsidered here…
The moon never wavers
solitary tears.

Night chills…
becoming very common…
seeking me on the inside…
becoming alarming.

Reason with me…
dance with me…
sing with me…
or I you…
what to do?
I’m spent.

The moon stares in malice forming glares…
beckoning sweetly…
making me believe…
I can really fly…
But I know…
really know…

It’s a lie…



More to come. I hope you liked them!





It is so hot here in the south. We have had blistering days since April. Being from New Hampshire, I am a bit more fond of Fall weather. Here is my song Greensleeves from my new album ” Laments, Dreams and Visions” I would like to blog about a few of the songs every week and give a free listen! This song of course is also known widely as ” What Child is This” . I think of Winter therefore…a good song to take the heat blues away. At least the studio is air conditioned! It is funny how everyone asks why this song is on an album that is very somber and NOT a Christmas album. The song Greensleeves goes a long ways back. The melody was used for the Christmas song. I will leave a link about it’s origin after the song. Enjoy!


Origin  of the song080

Sound cloud Rocks!

Sound cloud Rocks!

I posted some new music from my recent recording ” Laments, Dreams and Visions”. It will be available very soon with a digital release first this summer, then as a physical CD in early fall. I also just finished a project which is kind of a compilation disc from most of my previous album and a few synth piano, strings and flute pieces.It features pieces from my son’s new album as well as selections from Reverie and Jodi Thiele.  The disc is called ” Living with a Broken Heart” and is the soundtrack to the book ” In The Midst” by Debra Jenkins. So go to my Soundcloud page and take a listen. There is even a poetry/piano track. It is pretty dark but will make you think! Take a listen here: Patrick on Soundcloud

You can also see Debra’s book here: In The Midst

See you soon!  Here is the cover for “Living With a Broken Heart”





We are back

We are back from a very exciting recording and touring trip to New Hampshire and surrounding states. We worked on my album, my sons album and composer Jodi Thiele has completed her first album which I had the great pleasure to produce. Keep checking out this post for more news about early releases in singles before the albums are released .


Practicing before the big concert.

Finished first stage of recording my new album!


Mixing down Patrick Lee 2 ‘s song ” Tattered Memories”. I knocked out 14 songs in 2 days. Big concert Wednesday!!!  Can’t wait to jam with Jodi and Padawan Patrick Lee…

Recording soon!

Getting ready for tour to new Hampshire…my son and I are recording at cedarhouse sound July 19-23 : exciting. Watch this blog for live coverage during that time.

On my way to the frozen North !!

I will be in beautiful New Hampshire for a family visit. I will see my three grown up daughters, Lindsey, Ashley and Alexandria and my two grandsons Jacob and Mason. I feel a bit older and wiser having grandchildren even at 42 ! I also get to see Robin Boyd, master of the web, Ross Boyd, amazing musician and friend…..and Tick-Tock the clown !! If you don’t know who he is…you will. This will be a time of great refreshing and a chance to see several friends and some Highland Label artists. Jodi Thiele will be present and we are in talks of expanding her exposure…….

See ya

I am back !!!!

Sorry folks….I have been really crazy with music and a new website called http://www.patrickleehebert.com . Lots going on here I tell you. I have 60 students and I am now training the gifted composer Sierra Hanson. Sierra has studied with me now…I guess two years. She is a gifted 15 year old that will be teaching for me and helping me meet the needs of my students here at Highland Piano Studios. More about Sierra is coming…she will be recording with Highland Label hopefully within a year. Her compositions will soon be able to be sampled so stay tuned!

Also, I am continuing “the Window” saga of songs I started last year. It will be out I hope January 2012….17 years after it’s first release…..amazing it has been so long.

I am going to NH in October to visit with web-wizard/reviewer/talk show host/Actress and costume designer and all around cool person…ROBIN BOYD. Can’t wait………

My next two albums are in early planning….I have secured an engineer from planet records to do the job. He is a master of native american flute recording so has an amazing sense of acoustics. It will be a GREAT time. ” Laments,Dreams and Visions” will be available I hope within a year…..closely following will be a follow up to Psalms…..Called….” I have no Idea yet….” LOL….

So all for today….just stay tuned and forgive my absence…But….I am a composer, I am suppossed to be crazy LOL…..see you


The Story of ” Soul Ties”

Soul Ties was a very simple song to portray a very simple emotion. I was just ending a very tumultous relationship with a girl I thought I would marry. I remember my Mom telling me that every girl I fell in love with for real would leave an impression on my soul. These, according to her were ” Soul Ties” and this for sure explains the way I felt. It was very simple really…I hurt and was lonely. So, enjoy ” Soul Ties”…the girl never heard it to my knowledge. Young love…

The story behind ” The Ledge”

This is song number three in my continuing description of the album ” The Window” which is due for re-release on its 17th anniversary January 11th. I have decided to wait till then because it seems so right to make it 17 years. This is because I was that age when I began to see the world in a different light and began searching for my voice. At 17, I was starting music school and had very high hopes. I did well in music but very bad in an early relationship as I mentioned in the last post about ” The Window”.  The Ledge is written about a place…a place of complete peace that was deep into the twelve acres of woods I grew up in. I remember going there as a child as well as an adult.

There was a little mountain at the end of my land. It seemed that no-one but my brother and I ever visited this place. There is a 25 foot rock wall that leads down to a hidden valley I had named ” Lost Valley” when I was 6 years old. ( I wrote a song by this title which can be found on my ” Murmurs” album” We spent countless days playing there as boys and as an adult I visited to escape the pressures of the world I had created. One day, I visited this ledge and sat down as usual. You could watch the hawks circle and hear birds everywhere sing a song they believed was for themselves. Such peace. I wanted to capture it.

My father had a condo in the mountains of White mountains of NH. I went there for a week with a keyboard. There was no phone and I was totally secluded. It was the off-season and I wanted to be alone anyway. I wrote this song and a song called ” Soul Ties’, which is my next blog planned as it is song 4 on the album.  Both songs were written for a special girl who spent a lot of time with me there.   ” The Ledge” is really a very simple song about the place I loved so much. It has a touch of melancholia right from the start but really sounds kind of  pensive to me. When I play it I can go right back and be sitting there with nature my only companion. The girl lingers there in spirit as well. I wrote a series of poems called ” The Girl in the Picture” and all the settings and descriptive landscape are here in my mind. I hope you enjoy it. Here is ” The Ledge”